Monday, May 07, 2007

BtoB Magazine Puts into Search Engine Marketing Vendor List

Thank you to BtoB Magazine for listing us with 29 other Search Engine Marketing companies in their 2007 Interactive Marketing Guide. We specialize in B2B marketing so it makes sense for us to be listed with other large SEM companies that have B2B clients as we do.

With all the hype around brand-name companies spending money on video ads and ads on social networking sites, I found it very refreshing to read a few interviews with CMO-level executives from large B2B companies talk about their investment in search:

Jim Davis, CMO, SAS: Search is a strategic component of SAS' overall marketing and branding strategy. ... Over the next 12 months, as we focus on globalization and optimization of our search efforts, we'll be looking to maximize our investment in search.

Juanita James: CCO, Pitney Bowes: We'll increase our spending in this area by healthy, double digit percentages this year.

Thomas Haas, CMO, Siemens: Search works for us and we intend to consolidate, optimize, and expand our investments in search across general interest and btob search properties.

Jocelyne Attal: CMO, Avaya (Monster): SEM is critical to any online business and Monster is no exception. Search is the foundation of Monster's online advertising program and we do not expect to change in the near future.

Thanks to Carol Krol for the article 'Medium draws funds from other Channels' that shows the pie piece is still growing for search. {smile}

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