Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Are We Over Optimizing PPC Campaigns?

I am not sure about the answer to that but I do see a trend in closely monitored and optimized PPC campaigns; that we may not be giving the client what they really want. In the BtoB world clients want leads. If you have a savvy client they will give you a target cost/lead. [If you have a really savvy client they will give you a dollar number as to how much they are willing to spend to get one customer.] Let's say with some close attention to the right keywords, the right bidding strategy and the right landing pages, you exceed the client's expectations and come in with a lower cost/lead than the goal. They should be celebrating right? Not necessarily. Optimizing PPC Campaigns by WebMama.comYou may be really good at PPC management, but they may be willing to spend the extra money, for words (more general words) or tactics (contextual) that don't convert as well, in order to get back to their goal, thus generating more leads. It will dilute the ROI for sure - which drives my WebMama team nuts. There are worst problems to have.

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