Monday, April 30, 2007

Question: Should Google be Indexing

I won't use the 'F' word in my webmama blog but Google loves this site. For those of you who have not been around for years (and years) is a famous site. It is a place where predication's of the demise of companies would be posted. It is a place where any negative and damaging statement could be made about anyone. It was toxic and continues to be updated regularly by bloggers who have some beef against a company or employee. I have seen disgruntled ex-employees post something about their boss, jealous competitors post, and pissed off shareholders rant. is still indexed by Google and prominently displayed (ranked) for searches on the names of people involved in companys that collapsed in 2000+. It does not belong in the search results. I am absolutely surprised by the power Google gives this site. [Yahoo appears to have downgraded the site.] has been recently acquired by TechCruch. I hope that Google is smart enough to take this opportunity to review the 'power' it is giving URLs and move them down the page to the absolute bottom where it belongs.

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