Saturday, March 03, 2007

Eye Tracking Report - Year 2

Participants in the Second Eye Tracking study indicated that 74% of the time the top sponsored link delivered what they were looking for on Google and Yahoo (MSN was 40%). That compares to a success rate of just 48.5% across all three engines for the top 3 organic links.

This is one of hundreds of findings in the Enquiro/EyeTools study. The Report is available for an insignificant fee. [Gord - raise your price!] based on the knowledge it imparts.

Another part of the report talks about a subject that I talk with clients about regularly; should the search engine marketing strategy be to appear in paid and organic results for all converting and branding words. Put another way, the client asks "why should we pay to be in the top paid results if we are already in the organic top 3". If the visitor, on first glance, sees the first 4 results on Google for a search (which includes 3 paid and 1 organic) and the advertiser 'owns' 2 of 4 listings. The advertiser reinforces their brand, takes 40-50% of the clicks, and drowns out the competition. From a lead generation and branding point of view holding these positions is critical.

A preview of the report is just a teaser for the real thing. I recommend the report highly.

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