Monday, February 26, 2007

SEMPO's New Board of Directors

SEMPO announced the new Board of Directors for 2007. I am thrilled to see agencies, small businesses, and in-house marketers represented on the board. SEMPO members choose these 13 out of 37 on the ballot! I know that this team will continue the mission of education and raising the visibility of search marketing. I am especially happy about a few of the elected.

- Tanya Rietze - HP - one of's most valued clients and responsible for SEO for
- Jeffrey Pruitt - who I hope will be elected as President of the organization. He has been in officer roles for the last two years and is ready to take SEMPO even higher
- Fionn Downhill - a super energetic person and owner of a small SEM agency. Her contribution to the new SEMPO Insitute will be invaluable.

And it is with sadness that I see that Mauro Lupi did not run for re-election. He added the European flavour to the team and I am sure will be missed.

Congratulations to all.

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