Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Most People Use Two-Word Phrases When They Search

Data released by RankStat.com this month show that most people use two-word phrases when conducting online searches. The research, based on a sample of 2 million visitors of 100 countries, found that 28 percent of all searches are two-word phrases and 27 percent are three word phrases. Certainly jives with the keyword research that we do for clients. And the more words they search on, the better they convert when they visit your site.

The Top 10 List: Number of Words Used in Search:

1. Two word phrases 28.38 percent
2. Three word phrases 27.15 percent
3. Four word phrases 16.42 percent
4. One word phrase 13.48 percent
5. Five word phrases 8.03 percent
6. Six word phrases 3.67 percent
7. Seven word phrases 1.63 percent
8. Eight word phrases 0.73 percent
9. Nine word phrases 0.34 percent
10. Ten word phrases 0.16 percent


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