Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Godmother of Search?

Yesterday, Andy Beal on his Marketing Pilgrim website offers his opinion on who should be named “Godfather of Search” in response to a survey Jeremy Shoemaker was doing.

But it got him thinking: “Who is the Godmother of Search?” In the early days half of the speakers and industry experts were women. It is an interesting development that over the years more of the speakers are men but there are still a large number of women running the successful search marketing companies out there. [Just a few examples: me, Ellen Siminoff, Lisa Wehr, Dana Todd, Christine Churchill, Laura Thieme, Cheryl Pingel and Misty Locke)

Take the poll on his site and vote for the most powerful woman in search. You can choose from the list he compiled or put in your own. And thank you Andy for putting me on the list.

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