Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lance Loveday talks about Why Advertisers Should 'Protect' Their Brand in Search Results:

Those who are seeking your site but are ‘seducable’ are at risk of being nabbed by someone else – someone else with more visible and/or more appealing search results. Competitors and affiliates are getting increasingly clever about luring brand searchers to their sites instead of yours, so you’d better fight to keep them at bay or at least minimize their impact. One of the risks of not controlling the search results for your brand is you open yourself up to letting a competing site poach your hard-earned traffic – or, in the case of affiliates, paying for traffic that would have come to your site anyhow. Due to the increasing use of search as a navigation tool (why type in the www and the .com and risk misspelling the company name when Google will do the work for me in fewer keystrokes?) it is likely that the quantity of brand searches will continue to increase at a high rate. It’ll be much better to fortify your defenses now so that you are a less attractive target to those who would prey on your brand recognition later.

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