Friday, March 03, 2006

Some Q&A between MarketingSherpa and Myself.

Question #1. What's the most common or biggest mistake you see paid search marketers making right now?

"Many search marketers invest money and time in Google only. While Google does deliver top quality visitors and has a simpler user interface, it is not the only paid search option; Yahoo drives a substantial amount of top quality visitors though paid search as well. Missing the lead and sale potential of 21% of searches is a big mistake."

Question #2. What's the biggest search engine optimization (SEO) mistake you commonly see being made?

"Many search engine optimizers are not involved in the business/marketing strategy of the company that they are working for. By not being involved at the strategic level they suggest optimization tactics that do not respect the branding and positioning of the company they are working for. This leads to search results that are embarrassing or misleading."

Question #3. 2005 was the year of expanding keyword lists; what's the best competitive tactic to improving search ROI for 2006 for clients who have expanded their keywords as far really as it's worth going?

"Landing page modifications can increase the conversion rate from paid search campaigns - period. Tailoring the landing page to the keyword is the first easy step that many have still not taken. But an even more sophisticated step is to tailor landing pages to the 'intention' of the searcher.

"For example, if someone uses a brand name in their search string they may be more likely to convert if the landing page speaks to them as someone already familiar with the brand. Another example, if the searcher responded to an ad with the word 'cheap' or 'free' in it they won't be expecting something totally slick, give them simple and definitely give them something cheap or for free."

Question #6. Linking strategies -- getting hot again for SEO (shades of 1996), got a practical tip or stuff to avoid on this front?

"I too am worried about the 'shades of 1996' with respect to linking strategies. Too many are looking for any link instead of looking at the ones of true value to the client site. Avoid buying links from sites that are successful only because they are distributions partners for PPC contextual networks. "

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