Monday, March 13, 2006

Local Search Taken to the Next Level - Neighborhood Search

I love the local search capabilities on Google and Yahoo. But I live in a big city and travel to many big cities and I want to be able to search on a more granular level - at the neighbourhood level. It is the obvious next step in providing what the searchers want. When that step is taken the next step is to incorporate user reviews of the neighbourhood businesses and classifieds for the neighbourhood sellers.

It's not like the neighborhood information doesn't exist. One site that does a good job of incorporating this structured neighbourhood data is Trulia. Type in a Trulia search for "san francisco," and you get a list of properties displayed on a map. Then you can sort and filter by neighborhood, BR, BA, etc. This offers a much more meaningful search result for location-based information. Trulia's backend is powered by an application developed by HomeGain who provides real estate information for home buyers and sellers across the US; this is a natural extension for them. Watch for more 'neighbourhood' driven applications coming soon.

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