Friday, April 30, 2004

Google at Last: So, you thought running a Search Engine Marketing company as been exciting, overwhelming and profitable. HA! Now that Google has finally announced the money they make with adwords and adsense you watch the number of small businesses and large brands that finally get it! I'm a little scared to be honest. How could it get any better? Well, here are a few thoughts on that from the agency/advertiser point of view:

- Google will raise so much money that it starts launching new 'elements' of the Google home page: Can you say Gersonals or Gmatch? Gellow Pages, Gmoney, wow one could get really carried away here
- A new hot, trendy search engine that has more relevancy in its results and no ads will take the industry by storm thus making 'white magic' SEO very important again.
- MSN, of course, may invest even more money - certainly could invest more money - certainly will invest more money in search and bring on a whole new slew of advertising opportunities for our clients
- Yahoo will continue to fine tune the relevancy of its results and print money with Paid Inclusion
- SEM companies will all be sucked up into the big advertising agencies who will so 'get it' but have no idea how to 'do it'
- the IAB will start publishing standards for Search Marketing and not just pop-ups and banners
- SEMPO will provide the hard data that shows why Google took in almost a Billion dollars last year. Man that is fabulous is it not. I love this industry!

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