Monday, March 10, 2003

SEMPO is getting an amazing amount of support. Look at the list of companies who want to contribute services or people for free!

SEMPO - Kind Donation of Services - Current List

This is the list of kind companies and individuals who
have offered to help with the foundation of SEMPO.

Marketleap - Noel McMichael - adminstrative and incorporation assistance, founding council member
Did-it - Kevin Lee - website hosting and development, founding council member
NetMechanic/Keynote - domain name purchase and strategy, founding council member
Prime Visibility - Laura Galante - educational materials development/editing - Barbara Coll/Lisa Ashe - SEMPO management and case study development
Search Engine Watch - Danny Sullivan - Term Definition/Glossary, founding council member
SEO-PR - Greg Jarboe - Communications Strategy and PR
Mikkel - European SEMPO strategy and launch
Wasabi Communications - Koichiro Fuskasana - Japanese SEMPO and launch
Patrick Hopf - email list management
ClickSquad - Ed Shull/Morgan Moran - sponsorship of next meeting in August
Laurie Baldwin - free use of prnewswire
Michael Stalbaum - legal support
Matt Bailey - logo design
Monster Commerce - Ryan Noble - ecommerce engine for membership
SiteLab - Dana Todd - Strategic Linking Campaign for website
Steve Schaffear - what ever we need
BusinessOL - Thad Kahlow - what ever we need
GoToast - Dave Carlson - sponsorship, webdesign, backend services
Dan Bricklin - Weblog advice
Search Engine Lift - Ran Bester - glossary definition help

It almost brought me to tears after the SEMPO meeting last week when I was 'flocked' with offers of support.

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Sunday, March 09, 2003

You know you are an SEM geek if you get highly excited when Google crawls your client's website and changes the ranking on its results page by 1 position. What is SEM - Search Engine Marketing - the hottest area of marketing today and I am right in the middle of it. And I am passionate about the industry growing and maturing.

Last week I formed the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO) to bring together all the parties involved in Search Engine Marketing - a trade association if you will - to give us more influence and clout in the marketing world of big budgets. It was an amazing meeting at SES Boston. Approximately 200 people and 100 companies filled the room to talk about SEMPO and lend their support. Google, Overture, all the SEO Tool vendors, the big SEM players like MarketLeap, Iprospect, Icrossing where there too. Even people who do SEM inhouse for large corporations saw the need. I was almost in tears when after the meeting people started volunteering their services to help get the company rolling. Want to get involved? Email me at

I hope to also cover my thoughts on changes and acceleration of the SEM world, in this blog.

So watch this space and for more information.
Barbara 'WebMama' Coll

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